Prosodic features of situational variation across nine speaking styles in French


This paper presents results from an on-going study of prosodic and phonostylistic variationacross speaking styles, i.e., acoustic images associated to types of language production, alsocalled phonogenres. It extends previous work in (1, 2) by enlarging the corpus (C-PhonoGenre,8 hours) and by exploring a more comprehensive collection of genres. The situationalparameters in (3, 4) are reduced to four situational features, each admitting three values, thecombination of which differentiates sub-phonogenres. The main goal of this study is to establishcorrelations between the situational and prosodic features of discourse. Corpus processing,annotation and measure calculation are performed semi-automatically, through a set of toolsimplemented under Praat and manual steps. Rhythmical measurements by DurationAnalyser (5)combined with the output of ProsoReport (6) produce an acoustic analysis of the differencesbetween phonogenres. A large number of micro- and macro-prosodic measures provide a finegrained‘prosometric’ description. This

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