Analyse automatique de la structure prosodique d'énoncés de styles variés


The aim of this study is to characterize automatically the boundary tones in French, from the point of viewof their categories, their acoustic realizations and their distribution according to a prosodic grammar. If theautomatic labelling proves pertinent, the proposed method would lead to an automatic process to determinethe prosodic structure of speech recordings. From the C-PROM corpus, four spontaneous recordings withvarious styles (oral reading, university lecture, narration, political discourse) were automatically analyzedbased on 1) the identification of prominent syllables (from the information already encoded in the corpustranscription), and 2) on the melodic contours glissando values relatives to prominent syllables. From anexisting definition of prosodic contours in French, C0, C1, C2 and Cn, the validity of a prosodic grammarhas been established, as reflected by the results shown in Table 1, as only one occurrence (*C2C0) notpredicted by the grammar has been observed.

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