Journal of Speech Sciences

Editors: Plínio Almeida Barbosa & Renata Regina Passetti


The Journal of Speech Sciences (JoSS) is an open access journal which follows the principles of the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), meaning that its readers can freely read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of any article electronically published in the journal. 

The JoSS covers experimental aspects that deal with scientific aspects of speech, language and linguistic communication processes. Coverage also includes articles dealing with pathological topics, or articles of an interdisciplinary nature, provided that experimental and linguistic principles underlie the work reported. Experimental approaches are emphasized in order to stimulate the development of new methodologies, of new annotated corpora, of new techniques aiming at fully testing current theories of speech production, perception, as well as phonetic and phonological theories and their interfaces.

The JoSS is supported by the initiative of the Luso-Brazilian Association of Speech Sciences (LBASS) . Founded in the 16th of February 2007, the LBASS aims at promoting, stimulating and disseminating research and teaching in Speech Sciences in Brazil and Portugal, as well as establishing a channel between sister associations abroad.



JoSS is closed for new submissions because will be migrating to OJS version 3. This will take until the end of October 2020. When coming back, all papers will be available in the new version with a DOI attached to each one. In the meantime all papers can be read and downloaded. We apologize for any inconvenience this decision may have caused. Please, continue to support our journal.



New submissions closed

Due to preparation of JoSS migration to a the new version of the OJS, no new submissions are allowed till November 2020.  
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Vol 9 (2020)

Table of Contents


Response from the editor to "toward open data policies in phonetics: what we can gain and how we can avoid pitfalls"
Plínio Almeida Barbosa

Letter to the Editor

Marc Garellek, Matthew Gordon, James Kirby, Wai-Sum Lee, Alexis Michaud, Christine Mooshammer, Oliver Niebuhr, Daniel Recasens, Timo B. Roettger, Adrian Simpson, Kristine M. Yu

Thematic Issue: Multimodality, segmentation and prominences in speech

Editorial: Multimodality, segmentation and prominence in speech
Heliana Mello, Lúcia Ferrari, Bruno Rocha
Giorgina Cantalini, Massimo Moneglia
Giulia Capussotti, Chiara Meluzzi
Ulrike Agathe Schroder
Luma da Silva Miranda, Carolina Gomes da Silva, João Antônio de Moraes, Albert Rilliard
João Vítor Possamai de Menezes, Maria Mendes Cantoni, Denis Burnham, Adriano Vilela Barbosa
Tommaso Raso, Bárbara Teixeira, Plínio Barbosa