Armas e letras: nota sobre os usos do panegírico na sociedade de corte

Valeria Pereira Silva de Novais, Cássio Borges


 The present study examines an encomiastic sonnet, A Fernão Teles, General da Beira, Governador do Porto, assigned, in Fênix Renascida, Antonio Barbosa Bacelar. The subgenre is read as a mechanism of distinction that, in embellishing places of power and aulic values, acts in the construction and dissemination of basic principles of Catholic Reason of State. In resuming the notions of “social figuration” and “status”, formulated by Norbert Elias in A sociedade de corte, the work strives to reflect on the particular effects of meaning raised by the examined text, however, without losing sight of the literate conventions of long duration that manifest in both formalizing the sonnet and codifying the habits of conversation with the court.