A mágica erótica de Simaeta no Idílio 2 de Teócrito

Milton L. Torres


"A Mágica Erótica de Simaeta no Idílio 2 de Teócrito" is an analysis of the argument recently advanced that the erotic incantations and aphrodisiacs used by courtesans on theirs clients fit a specific pattern. According to this view, a graphic distinction between male and female-targeting spells implies that ancient Greek courtesans made use of the second category in an appropriation of a typical male behavior. The purpose of this paper is to establish that even if such a distinction holds, it is not enough to provi de a final solution to the enigma of Simaetha's status in Theocritus' well-known Idyll 2.


Erotic incantations. Courtesans. Simaetha. Theocritus.

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