Osservazioni sull'idillio VIII del corpus theocriteum

Enrico Montaperto


The text of the Idyll VIII presents not few difficulties rei ative to possible interpolations and lacunas, that would concern the composition in its almost entirety. As regards the transmission of the text the testimonies of the first collections of the Theocritus' and Pseudo-Theocritus' works edited by the following grammarians are not up to much, because the first period of their transmission is rather nebulous. It increases the importance and the value of the testimonies provided by papyri, codices and schoJia, that are useful for the constitutio textus in a large number of chances. By the light of precise and articulate analyses, a very probable conjecture seems that this Idyll was originally consisted of 92 lines, to which only subsequently a 93,d verse (that is line 77) was added. Besides the singing competition (particularly vv. 33 - 60) offers an interesting starting point of considerations about metrical system. The subject of the elegiac metre is, then, used to protest against the authenticity of the poem too. On the whole the structure of the Idyll is respectful of constituent form typical of the bucolic poetry of Theocritus' matrix.


Pseudo-Theocritus. VIII idillio. Transmission. Testimonies. constitutio textus. elegiac distiches. "Modello a cornice".

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